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Traditional hardware accessories how to use the "Internet +

Traditional hardware accessories how to use the "Internet +

2015/9/15      view:
    The first half of 2015, Tencent CEO Ma proposed the "Internet +" strategy, can be described as a language startled Splash, the parties have expressed chiefs of the "Internet +" views and opinions. According to Ma's words, the Internet strategy is the use of the Internet platform +, the use of information and communication technologies, including the Internet and all walks of life, including traditional industries combine to create a new ecological in new areas.

So how to use traditional hardware accessories industry "Internet +" to create a new ecological order to achieve their own leap and off? "To make good use of the Internet +, first of all should change thinking, in-depth analysis, the depth of integration, and understand consumer Internet age relations and product and corporate. "Eau analysis tool to chairman Chen Honglin.

First learn to use the Internet + Internet Thinking
Murdoch has said, we are not indigenous digital world, when we see the digital wave struck, they all want it to hurry past quickly disappear. "We are not the 'original inhabitants' Internet world, so we should strive to learn the Internet's unique way of thinking, we must attach to embrace the Internet from the perspective of thinking, or the possibility of failure is very large." Chen Honglin said.
What is the Internet thinking that? "I understand the Internet thinking is an inner product on the consumer, commercial form of way of thinking, especially for the way of thinking between businesses and consumers, changing the entire business ecosystem . "Chen Honglin road to the author explained.
The emergence of the Internet has changed the first between people, between people and products and even three-dimensional hierarchical relationship between people and businesses, which is a flat. Consumers are no longer in contact with layers of enterprise products through dealers or agents, but directly in the face. Internet is for the whole network users, is a fully market-oriented competition. "So in order to make good use of the Internet +, we must learn to customer-centric, customer or a 'not happy', to use someone else product. This is also the core of the Internet thinking, love the user, product, service to impress users. "
Use of the Internet is to allow consumers to heart +
"Let the consumer heart, you have to make your product 'beauty' up," Chen explains, "beautiful woman always let others heart, in order to explain in order to make good use of the Internet +, the traditional business to be pursued It is the 'beauty' products, consumers always makes the heart. "
Chen Honglin continue to elaborate and said: "beauty" products in fact make up the product sensibility, and traditional hardware companies want to do this is not easy, because the hardware be strictly rational products. How to Sense and Sensibility two thoughts break fused together to make rational product sensibility, I think this is the hardware industry to use the Internet + unavoidable problem.
The most effective means of communication is word of mouth Internet era, its most important feature is that you can not force. Whether or microblogging micro letter, produced after voluntary spread impress the user to be the best form. "Consumers want to be your voluntary active communication channels, your product must wear two 'coat', one is the ultimate product experience, the second is the strong emotional appeal." Chen Honglin said, "Gan its food is Hangzhou famous buns chain itself with other similar products is no fundamental difference. Although there are more elaborate set of product quality, but its advantage lies in its most fundamental shape of 'love', whether it is not sold on the day of buns disposed of, to complete the transaction within 12 seconds to reduce user wait time, or provide accommodation for their employees, cooking aunt, custom beds and other details, are true. And it is through word of mouth continued to enlarge after differences with other brands will more and more, a lot of things will become different. Therefore, the traditional hardware and tools industry should learn how to grab consumers' emotional point, be strong emotional appeal, to improve the user's perception, which come to the fore. "

Internet + is to make products using a "close friend"
"Close friend is the person you most know. Let products become 'close friend', that is a deep understanding of consumer needs, with new products to meet." Chen Honglin said, "In the past, this may just be a joke, because then in short supply. Now is not the same, more and more homogeneous product, if the product then grab the hearts of consumers vain, only to be doomed, the rise of the Internet exacerbated the development of this situation. "
- Paul Graham in "Hackers and Painters" is mentioned, product development, there are two modes: one mode of the Virgin Mary, the enterprise development team closed spend N years, trying to think of all the possibilities and then held a press conference, a grand debut, like the Virgin drove clouds come; the other is a common Internet companies iterative development model, which is to launch a feature most users need, and then continue to improve based on user feedback. The latter is based on user needs as the center of the Internet reflects the thinking, that is, make the product become close friends.
Insiders say that the Internet +, only to be cut into the right direction, the method to be correct, but the main thing is to create value through new ways to create new productivity. "I very much agree with this view, is not a traditional enterprise OCS can count Internet +, this is not just rely on a few people will be able to understand the network technology to do, this is a thought of the mind with systems engineering. We should learn to flow, with the times. "Chen Honglin concludes.