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September 2, 2015 Newspaper News

September 2, 2015 Newspaper News

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❶ [domestic]
1, Xi Jinping: Front and the Rear Battlefield are to make an important contribution to the war
2, Li Keqiang economic topics participants will release a new lineup of high-specification signal
3, Zhang Gaoli has 29 instructions demanding a thorough investigation of those people involved Tianjin explosion background
4, the first time in the war parade formation amphibious armored assault vehicle side team
5, Wang Rulin: Shanxi do not engage in anti-corruption campaign to engage all political tricks
6, after eighteen 44 local officials have been transferred to the central eastern part of Beijing to most
7, Garrison 18th complete rotation transfer
8, Hung Shiu-chu anti-poll win Soong 7%: oaths and Tsai Ing-wen first fight
9) [Macau] Eighteenth Garrison formed units rotate successfully completed; commemorate the victory of the war party held in Hong Kong, the audience chorus "My Chinese Heart"; the constitution and the Basic Law of Macao opened a dedicated website;
10) [Taiwan] Lien Chan: not tolerate the "Taiwan consciousness" misguided to split consciousness; Taiwan's anti-Japanese generals offspring quite Lien Chan: He went to Beijing entirely positive; the KMT "for column" renewed rumors, Hung Shiu-chu: for my party will be ruined.

❷ [international]
1, Japanese media batch Park Geun-hye Korea to attend the parade in response to China
2, foreign media Secret Nazi gold train: or possession of the eighth wonder of the "Amber Palace"
3, Ban Ki-moon and then split: attendance Beijing constant parade trip
4) Park Geun-hye parade was attended by Japanese media as a "Empress", South Korea hit back;
5) The European Commission communique said 28 release: Applicability EV wireless charging stations available.

❸ [Financial Securities]
1, four ministries jointly issued a document: to encourage mergers and acquisitions in cash dividends to buy back shares
2, the real estate registration has taken substantial step: Housing and land information will be shared in due course
3, foreign media: Sino-Japanese high-speed rail project in Indonesia Indonesian competition official tendency China
4) semi-annual report card released two cities, 2800 the company net profit over 1.423 trillion;
5) yesterday's close: stock index 3166.62 / Shenzhen Component Index 10162.52 -1.23% / -3.67% GEM 1889.49 / HSI 21,185.43 -5.38% / -2.24%.

❹ [entertainment] 
1, Cecilia blessing "Feng Fei Love" agent come forward to clarify the rumors
2, Chen Chuan He Zhang Zixuan has licensing brokers: Should not true
3, Manchester United crazy! 80 million to buy a 19-year-old demon expensive than Zidane!
4) The Chinese women's volleyball team 3: 0 mad child in Kenya, received four straight.

❺ [Domestic services]
1,  rich  Taiwanese woman jailed for sexually abusing 34 79 years 7 months
2, security fake "Bodyguard" deception claiming just a stage name
3 women arrested for the use of Tianjin explosion fraud "contributions" have been returned
4) focusing screen commences to commemorate the victory of the war, an entertainment program off the air;
5) The six-day losing streak domestic oil, gasoline and diesel prices for managing each lift 0.09,0.10 yuan;
6) Jiangsu Yizheng school female teachers falls dead, this semester just to mobilize the city.

❻ [Health Tips]
Lunch and dinner, eat enough 30 minutes
Use the "fast track" to describe the modern rhythm is not too much to eat. However, the repeated compression dinner time, also in the compression of our life. Experts suggest that, with 15-20 minutes to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner is 30 minutes, the best meal every mouth to chew 25-50 times.