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Read "Thirteen Five" Eight Categories

Read "Thirteen Five" Eight Categories

2015/11/5      view:
GDP in the high-speed
In this year's economic growth is expected to be difficult to achieve the stated objectives of the premise, "Thirteen Five" no surprise to economic growth as the primary task of the ten tasks, but also to the next five years, economic growth in the latest set the tone: maintaining high growth economy, but also need to take into account the development of balanced economic development, inclusive and sustainable.
Since 2020 China's completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the time node, and the party's 18 formally proposed and established a "building a moderately prosperous society," the goal, and proposed a "gross domestic product and per capita income of rural residents than in 2010 doubling "of rigid economic growth target, which has become a spur" one of the engines thirteen Five "economic growth.

In the industry view, the blind pursuit of speed has its own drawbacks, due to lower economic growth but also conducive to the realization of low-end to high-end industrial Central forward, through the adjustment of economic and industrial structures to cross the middle-income trap.

Abstract Poverty cap
Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Guizhou this year survey pointed out that poverty alleviation and development to scientific planning good work "Thirteen Five" period, to ensure that China's poor out of poverty by 2020 as scheduled.
"Thirteen Five" plan also made it clear in 2020, to make our country under the current standards of the rural poor out of poverty, poverty-stricken counties Uncap all, resolve regional overall poverty. It will also poor areas and poor people to implement precise, accurate poverty, classification support poor families.
Data show that China still has 14 contiguous destitute areas, more than 800 poverty-stricken counties, 128,000 poor villages, more than 70 million poor people. Some analysts believe the task you want to accomplish round well-off in 2020, more than 7,000 poor people is difficult and critical point of whether or not able to complete the round well-off off within five years. In the fifth aspect of the industry view, employment, industrial development, education, and social security is an effective way to solve the more than 70 million poor people out of poverty.
Fiscal reform
"Blacksmith need its own hardware," pursue internal reform remains one of the "Thirteen five" main event. "Thirteen Five" plan made it clear that the establishment of a sound modern financial system, tax system, reform and improve the financial regulatory framework to adapt to the development of modern financial markets.
Some experts said that the current bottleneck faced by tax reform, budget reform stalled, the relationship between the central and local reform has no clear direction. For example, across the "1025" and "Thirteen Five" and "Camp changed to increase", both for the companies made tough demands, but also shaken the relationship between central and local fiscal revenue.
But the industry view, tax reform despite the difficult but must "grasp the nettle." Because the fiscal reform is the core and hub of many contradictions and problems existing within the economic system of economic reform and taxation are also due to ill-defined relationship caused only by promoting fiscal reforms in order to achieve rational allocation of resources, stimulate market players vitality.
The importance of internal reform, naturally forget the outside world. Country's top leaders in a variety of occasions in recent years, proposed to implement "a new round of high-level open", despite the poor foreign trade situation this year, but in the "Thirteen Five" period, there are still many open Highlights period.
Currently, the total import and export trade with China has risen to first in the world, the actual use of foreign capital and foreign investment are among the best foreign trade for China's economic growth can not be ignored role. "Along the way" strategy will probably be to establish a new pattern of China's opening up in the next five years.
Some experts believe that the "second five" is the idea of "along the way" strategy, the preparatory period and the implementation period, and "Thirteen Five" will be the harvest period "along the way" strategy, a large number of investment cooperation with countries along the each project will bear fruit in the next five years. Prior to the opening of has been "bringing in" mainly coming period, China will enter a "bringing in" and "going out" both the stage.

Livelihood security
Since the "Thirteen Five" period is a decisive stage of completion of a comprehensive well-off society, then protect and improve people's livelihood importance to achieve targets naturally self-evident. Addition to the above poverty alleviation poverty, improve people's livelihood exactly how the public income is an important measure factor. Plan clearly, adhere income growth and economic growth simultaneously, improve wage determination mechanism, growth mechanism, payment security mechanism, improve the minimum wage increase mechanism and so on.
And after 30 years of exploration and development, the social security system is entering a stage of comprehensive deepening reform. Planning proposed will achieve the basic pension of workers nationwide co-ordination, transfer some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund, the full implementation of urban and rural residents illness insurance. This is also the industry dubbed a Chinese social security "upgrade."
In addition, the concept of "healthy China" following appears after the government work report has once again appeared in the "Thirteen Five" plan.
Environmental Resources
Our long proposed to adhere to sustainable development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but compared to economic development, there are more and more people are concerned about the development of the environment and resources, environmental resources naturally become "Ten one of five "key planning direction.
It is worth noting that, "Thirteen Five" plan first proposed the concept of global ecological safety and environmental protection, and will implement the most stringent environmental protection system, in addition, planning is also proposed to establish a resource-saving intensive recycling concept, establish and improve energy rights, water rights, emission rights, carbon emissions initial allocation system. Overall, "Thirteen Five" plan that is total control from a single target goal, emission reduction targets, namely a two-goal improvement of environmental quality and pollutant control.
According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Planning Institute estimates, expected investment in environmental protection during the "Thirteen Five" will increase to 2 trillion yuan each year about the social and environmental protection "Thirteen Five" during the total investment is expected to more than 17 trillion yuan

Price liberalization
Just last week, the new version of "Central Pricing Catalog" came out, "Directory" shows that the central pricing species from 13 species (class) is reduced to seven kinds (classes), specific pricing project was reduced from about 100 to 20, a reduction of approximately 80% or so. Planning is also clear that government intervention will reduce the price formation, full liberalization of goods and services prices competitive field.
In the same month, our clear timetable and roadmap price reform: to 2017, competitive fields and links the basic price liberalization, government pricing scope is mainly limited to the important public utilities, public services, network-based natural monopoly sectors ; to 2020, the market determines the price mechanism is almost completed.
Some analysts believe that the price mechanism reform will Forced industry market-oriented reforms. Through reform of the industry, especially the reform of the industry market access system to the introduction of more body, forming a competitive market structure. Create conditions for the final part of the fully liberalized competitive prices.
Sharing Economy
"Twelve Five Year Plan" raise the status of innovation. Planning clear that the innovation must be placed in the core of the overall national development, and all this is inseparable from the recent natural hot "public entrepreneurship, innovation Peoples."
In addition, with the "double hit" it is to share economic complementarity. Premier Li Keqiang in Davos this summer the opening ceremony that the current global economy was a rapid development trend of sharing, is driving new ways of economic growth. At present, China's mobile travel, Internet banking, housing and other popular areas have a short lease appeared to share fresh examples economy. On the other hand, share the economic mode because the threshold is low, small cost, development speed features touted by many entrepreneurs.
Share the economy will fully mobilize the excess resources utilized, in order to maximize the effectiveness of resources. In the industry view, big data is a prerequisite for sharing economy is the link, "double hit" and "Internet +" is Liangbing tool to stimulate economic development.